No Amazon. No Google.

No bigger cloud provider. But, why?

Decentralization is extremely important for blockchains

In a podcast from from december 2021 they mentioned, around 42% of all staking validator nodes from Ethereum 2.0 are running in the Amazon Cloud. 42%, wow! This means up to 50% are centralized hosted by Amazon. The reason? Maybe this happens because there is an AWS ETH Validator marketplace app to run an ETH 2.0 Validator Server Node as a Service in the Amazon Cloud.

It is so important to know: An open source blockchain can only exist cencorship resistant when it is completely decentralized. The good thing is: With Cardano, we all together can make it better. Just stake your coins on a Cardano Stake Pool which is not running on one of the biggest clouds in the world like Amazon or Google.

While Bitcoin is "Proof-of-Work", anybody can download its software and participate into the Bitcoin Network and do some mining. This means, it is super easy to make bitcoin decentralized. Cardano (and the new Ethereum 2.0) is different. With its "Proof-of-Stake" mechanism it is not so easy to start running your own Staking Pool Server to create new blocks. Cardano requires at least 2 Servers and 500 ADA = ~700 US-Dollar Deposit. ETH 2.0 you need 32 ETH, this is currently more than ~128'000 US-Dollar. Therefore it is even more important, to run all the available and new stake pool servers on as many different hosting platforms as possible.

But. Really!? Why do you mean too many Cloud Stake Pools are bad?

The law, rules and regulations about blockchains are changing nearly every month somehwere on the globe. Nobody whants to make something illegal, we crypto geeks just realized the benefit of decentralized money, DeFi and smart contracts earlier then others.

But what happens when bigger countries are disallowing staking blockchains, or especially disallow running a stake pool block producing server? The best thing against this bad - and hopefulle never gonna happen - future is: Make the blockchain most cencorship resistant as possible. For Cardano it means: Run stake pool servers around the globe without big companies cloud and stake your money not at Binance Staking nor at an AWS Stake Pool. Stake your coins somewhere else to help make Cardano the most decentralized blockchain in the world. Forever.